CoboFun is an alternate reality game-based learning service provided by the National Museum of Natural Science.

The service integrates the physical and digital resources to bridge on-site museum learning and outside learning in the other authentic contexts, such as on school campuses and in the surrounding environments.

Through fun puzzles, CoboFun supports diverse learners in building knowledge and competencies based on interactions with the external environment and other learners and through in-depth observation, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

With innovative technologies such as virtual reality(VR), augmented reality(AR), and mixed reality(MR), CoboFun enables visitors to interact with virtual worlds and physical environments, creating fun immersive experiences.

Cyclical Learning

Through various puzzle-solving activities, CoboFun bridges different learning spaces including museums, schools, and communities, building a virtuous cyclical learning environment to support diverse learners, repeated visits, and lifelong learning in pre-visit, on-site visit, and post-visit stages.

Pre-visit : Instilling motivation

The single-player game encourages learners to actively explore the external environment, such as school campuses and communities, motivating them to find out more about their surroundings.

On-site visit : Cultivating competencies

To avoid unequal participation in collaborative learning, the multiplayer game enables learners to create a collaborative group to solve puzzles related to museum exhibitions. The learning progress of all participants is synchronized and each participant is required to make contributions. Moreover, as they gain knowledge, they also build competencies, such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.

Post-visit : Taking practical actions

Through MOOCs online courses, participants learn thematic knowledge. We have also designed post-visit activities for learners of different ages to encourage review of what has been learned and conduct practical actions.